Are you leading a church with a few people in the ministry or a church full of missionaries?  How To Be A Missionary In Your Hometown is a three month devotional book that inspires members to become missionaries without ever leaving town.  This book plus an effective church focus will help your church grow right away and keep growing long after the last chapter is finished.

The focus is on what God is doing in your town and helping your church be led to the lost all around.  The activities get every ministry and every family involved in the mission.  If your church has become stagnant even though you’ve been preaching evangelism and discipleship then this might just be the jumpstart you need.

You can order the book right now at IPIBooks.com.

This website is a companion to the book so that ministry leaders can be as successful as possible as the congregation reads the 12 week devotional and participates in inspiring and challenging activities.  The Campaign Planner is your step by step, week by week guide to an amazing church transformation.  The Week By Week Blog highlights what we did as a church when we piloted this campaign and has the directions you need to make it great for your group.  Help is available from the author.  And many resources (linked in the campaign planner) have been made available to make this as easy as possible.

You can begin transforming your church and your city right now by praying for a church full of Hometown Missionaries.

How to Be a Missionary in Your Hometown