Week 2: The Place of Prayer

The message from Revelation 8:1-5 was strong!  We opened our prayer porch with a full slate of signups for the first few weeks.  People are getting into the groove of the daily devotional packets and I think this week’s prayer banner worksheet will really help!  I’m excited to start seeing the map get filled in with spiritual activity all over Lansing!

We had about a dozen people post #LoveLetterFromGod and it was super encouraging.


2nd Sunday – Week 2: The Place of Prayer

  • During the week before the 2nd Sunday create a place of prayer.
    • If you have a 24/7 facility then it can be in a room that is accessible
    • If not it can be in a public place (Capitol or county building steps, park by a river or lake, someone’s backyard, etc…)
    • If you can, make 4 posters:
      • 1 explaining the High Priestly Prayer of John 17 and how to pray through it (See book chapter 2 for details)
      • 2 explaining the Lord’s Prayer of Luke 11 and how to pray through it
      • 3 for people to sign that they prayed in this spot
      • 4 to write the names of the people they are praying for to come to Christ
    • Here’s what our prayerspot looked like
    • If you have to do this in a public space you can do it online with a link to a google presentation.  Everyone logs on at the spot and goes through the four slides.  Just send out a shareable link.  Here’s and example.  
  • Preach about the power of prayer from Revelation!
  • Make sure everyone uses the prayer banner template in the book or give out a printed template of your own – I don’t have one so be creative – but here’s a pic of what we handed out
  • People should put their personal prayer spots up on the mission map

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