Week 5: Heroes of the Faith Old Testament

After four weeks of getting our hearts in the right place, this week our evangelistic efforts start in earnest.  The goal is to make it fun and adventurous instead of scary and torturous.  We’re using “Scavangelism” or Scavenger Hunt Evangelism.  There’s a list of 21 Old Testament people with “punny” associations – like Esau: share with someone with red hair or eating soup or Joseph: share with someone wearing bright colored clothing.  I read through the whole list and had people write ideas in their packets so they could pray and be ready when they came across someone who fit the description.  We’ll put our mission moments on the map and begin to see how much impact we can have through God in our area!


Week 5: Heroes of Faith Old Testament

  • Preach it!
  • Encourage people to put their mission moments (places they shared) on the map
    • Point out the map each week and take a picture so you can see the visual impact happening
  • This week features a crazy fun scavenger hunt.
    • Some people will think it’s fun
    • Others will think it’s crazy (and possibly not like it)
    • Just explain that it’s for fun
    • You could give a prize (100 grand candy bar) to anyone who completes the scavangelism hunt – this will take longer than the week so let people know this is ongoing
  • Encourage people throughout the week to share with text messages
  • Have people put their completed sharing on the map (for example “Goliath” on a post it note)
  • Here’s a link to a printout you can pass out to your church
  • Create invitations for the Gospel night that will happen in 4 weeks at Vistaprint.com

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