Week 4: The Presence of Jesus

Here’s the mission map with our prayer spots so far!  Hospitality Nights and Mission Moments coming soon.

This week coincided with Good Friday and Easter which couldn’t be more perfect.  For Good Friday we had a chilly but sunny hour of worship on the prayer porch.  About 50 people came to sing, read scripture and pray.  Then on Sunday the sermon was all about how some of the disciples still doubted the resurrection while they were looking at the resurrected Christ.  He answers their doubts by saying all authority has been given to him.  Sometimes we doubt because we fear the changes we’d have to make if we believed.  I think this is where the disciples were.  The promise at the end of the great commission is that all of that power and authority will be with us always to the very end.  We need to go beyond sharing about Jesus and instead share with Jesus who lives inside of all who believe.


Week 4: The Presence of Jesus

  • This chapter was going to be all about how Jesus shared his faith – but it’s way more powerful to look at the fact that he is still sharing his faith with us and through us!  Preach a sermon on that.
  • This week people will actually begin sharing their faith!
    • It may have been a long time for some since they’ve shared their faith – we should be so excited about this week!
  • Pass out a hospitality night planner and have people pick locations/times/friends for hospitality which will happen in two weeks
  • Is there an event you can do to serve your community or HOPE Worldwide in week 9?  Now is the time to plan it!


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