Week 3: The Power of Gospel

This week the training devotionals shine more than the sermon.  Just as Paul wanted the Ephesians to have hearts with eyes, I want my church to see in gospel.  I really believe that it is a life changing perspective when you see all things through Spirit, creation, fall, redemption and restoration.  It’s the script of all the best movies and it’s the script/logos of God’s word in our world.  If you can see where people are in gospel then you can really help them find God.  People used #ISeeGospel and it was very encouraging.  I can imagine it being used with the book and seeing some amazing encouragement on social media.

worship on church steps

Week 3: The Power of Gospel

  • Don’t teach your church the plan of salvation (the response to the gospel).  Teach your church the gospel and how to see gospel (Spirit, creation, death, redemption and restoration) all around them
  • This should be refreshing and exciting
  • Still encourage people not to share – but to look for the parts of the gospel in their lives.
  • When they see a part of the gospel (like a weed growing from a crack in the sidewalk representing creation) they can take a picture and post it with the #ISeeGospel
    • This is kind of a way of sharing and as more churches participate there will be a lot of cool pics with all the hashtags each week
  • They will fill out a page in the book this week that teaches them to see gospel everywhere – here’s a printout if you need extras
  • Are your announcement slides all set so everything is being talked about 4 weeks in advance?

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