Week 12: The Celebration of the Saints

As a church, we love to celebrate and God has given us so much to celebrate!  The picture on this post is the finished map with many of the places where people shared their faith, hosted hospitality nights and bible talks and had bible studies over the last 3 months.  The map is a great snapshot but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Each of those post it notes is a story itself of God using a modern day missionary to do something amazing.  We’re heading into the summer which is traditionally a slow and scattered time for the church.  But we’ve got a lot of work to do from this focus so I’m looking forward to what God can do this summer and fall from all of the sharing that happened this spring!  What a difference from the first day to the last.  We went from being a church in one location to having missionary activity all over our town.  That’s something to celebrate!

IMG_1686 (1)

Week 12: The Celebration of the Saints

  • Party at church!
  • Pray (all night, sunrise, prayer chain, you decide)
  • End by talking about God – that’s all that matters.
    • No one should feel like a failure because God makes it grow.
  • Finish the Mission Map and take some time during your service to talk about it – show the before picture and marvel at how much you shared as a church!
  • You could even give out certificates declaring everyone as hometown missionaries.


Rest up the week after and then get to work!

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