Week 11: The Workers Are Few

It’s not about more baptisms.  It’s about more workers.  If only a few people in our churches are sharing their faith and doing the bible studies and baptizing then we’re not listening to Jesus’ request.  We have to fight against the church model that has the staff or a select few doing all of the mission work while the rest of the church watches as spectators in a crowd.  We ended our focus the same way we began it – with prayer on the front steps of the church.  It was sunrise and we prayed for the harvest and we prayed for workers.  The coming months will reveal what we’ve produced with this focus!


Week 11: The Workers Are Few

  • It’s getting near the end.  This week’s challenge is simple – ask people to share their faith every day.
  • Start to talk about this being a lifestyle change and not just a campaign – that’s up to each person to decide by how they live after these 3 months are over.
  • Let people know that the next Sunday is going to be a celebration.
    • We had breakfast, a sunrise prayer time and general fun before and after church.
    • You do you!

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