Week 7: Heroes of Faith New Testament

Ok, things are getting real now.  We’re moving on from our fun Old Testament scavenger hunt (although anyone who wants to complete the whole thing is amazing!) And we’ve hosted friends through hospitality.  Now we’re talking about the dreams and goals that disciples on the mission have.  The dream to study the bible with someone.  The goal of being used by God to help another person believe, repent and be baptized.  This is what we’ve been praying for over the last 6 weeks.  We’re dreaming with God about the impact that the gospel can have.  It might not happen in these 12 weeks but if a vision of a fruitful life can be sparked then God can do amazing things in his time!


Week 7: Heroes of the Faith New Testament

  • This week is more about casting a long time vision of awesome things that followers of Jesus can do.  Very few of these things will be completed by the end of this focus but these should be the focus of our actions as disciples.
  • Plug the bible talks
  • You’re over the halfway point – be dreamy – review what you’ve done so far
  • Make sure people are still praying
  • Get the materials needed for your week 9 giveaway bags with a sign up sheet with the following things that people will keep in their cars for beggars:
    • Bags (reusable or paper)
    • Snacks
    • Gloves or hats if it’s winter
    • Socks
    • Business cards for shelters or helpful government organiztions
    • Cards with encouraging scriptures

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