Week 8: The Power of the Word

It’s bible talk week!  And when the bible talks, God moves.  Our Mission Map is getting filled up more and more each week with people sharing their faith, hosting hospitality nights and this week we took the parables of Jesus all over our town in homes, coffee shops and even at the workplace.  We went from having zero bible talks as a church (we’ve always focused more on personal bible studies) to having nearly a dozen gatherings with the bible opened.  Personally, my neighbors on both sides of our house came over and we had other new people come as well.  Everyone in the church who participated commented on how easy it was and how impactful.  We will definitely do more spontaneous bible talks in the future.

We’re finishing the hometown missionary adventure strong with a gospel night in two weeks.  The invitations have been passed out and we’re praying for open hearts to come and hear about their souls and God’s grace.  We’re starting to invite people in earnest to the event.


Week 8: The Word of Life

  • It’s bible talk week!  God is going to do great things all over your town!
  • Have people share their bible talk stories and put post its on the Mission Map
    • The map should really be filling up now with all of the sharing and events
  • Even though it’s bible talk week we’re planning for the next event in 2 weeks – Gospel Night
    • Start talking about what it will be
    • Hand out special invitations if you made them
  • In the appendix there is a script for the Gospel Night we had, “How’s Your Soul Doing?”
    • It was a great talk and we had people start studying the bible and keep studying the bible because of the event.

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