Week 9: The Least of These

Because of our April ice day we skipped this week as we went through the campaign as a church.  But it was more than the ice.  My heart just wasn’t ready to invest in the people who need God’s love the most.  I spent time after the campaign getting things ready so my heart would be right as an individual and so we could focus on the needy as a church.  The thrust of the week is to focus on the kinds of people that Jesus would focus on if he were here.  The big activity is to make give away bags for beggars that have non-perishable food items and whatever else the needy in your hometown might need.  People in your church can take the ones they make and keep them in their cars so they can be “ready to give to all who have need.”


Week 9: The Least of These (No Sermon – Michigan Snowstorm in April Cancelled Church!)

  • Activity at church – make giveaway bags
    • Have people write in the cards and make an assembly line – great to get the kids involved with this!
  • Make blank encouragement cards available too for the congregation.  People can use this for their family nights or just bring them the next Sunday.
    • Imagine a service with encouragement cards flowing!
  • No hashtags this week – give in secret!

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